Adapting to a new diet can be frustrating for the body physically as well as mentally. Physically because it will have to restart its functioning of making food from the beginning. And mentally it can be annoying as you will have to determine once again what to eat and what not to and then make your body adapt to it. In such case, Keto diet can be extremely beneficial as it is simple to follow. This diet contains eating fewer carbs and more fats and proteins. When you are on a keto, you should make sure that you eat foods that are friendly to your heart.


Keto diet recipes can vary a lot and not get boring. Since you will have to focus on fats, you can eat cheese and sour cream. However, you will need to give up on your sweet tooth and stop munching on those tasty chocolates. They may be tempting but if you are trying to lose weight, you need to give up on your habits and cravings. Some recipes that you can try are:

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Avocado is one of the major ingredients for all the weight loss diets. In a keto diet, you will need to munch on a lot of fats, thus you end up consuming more cheese and sour cream. They eventually help you to reach your goal of meeting the fats requirements. But when you get bored, you can munch on the tasty avocado Deviled eggs. They can efficiently help you to meet your daily requirement of nutrients.

Cauliflower crusted grilled cheese sandwiches

Although you are asked to avoid vegetables when on keto diet due to their carb content, you can mix some of them with cheese. Dry the cauliflower and stuff cheese in between them as if they were bread. Make sure you use cheddar cheese of high quality for better results.

Coconut oil mayonnaise

A number of recipes contain mayonnaise. However, you wouldn’t like tasting the mayonnaise with those expensive canola oils. Instead of spending much, you can just try it out at home by preparing coconut oil. You can easily whip all the mayonnaise at home and use it as long as your eggs last.

Simple Paleo chicken curry

The coconut chicken curry is ideal for different kinds of dishes because it is free of gluten. It is one of the cleanest and healthiest foods to munch on. Doesn’t matter whether you are on a Paleo diet or Keto diet, this chicken curry can help you to lose weight. Also, it is very easy to make this recipe.

Keto Lime Creamsicles

Creamsicles are everybody’s favorite. There are a number of popsicles and ice-creams that you can consume while you are on a keto diet. However, you should make sure that there isn’t much sugar. These creamsicles have been sweetened with the help to stevia to calm down your sweet tooth. You can take a break from your avocado diet and munch on these.

Keto diet can be a little tough since it allows you to cut down all the sugar. But, it can be beneficial too when you are trying to get rid of your excess body weight.